Description: Fats Domino

Natal Date: Sunday, February 26, 1928

Planetary Positions:

Sun 337.93 -9.26
Moon 36.61 11.31
Mercury 333.88 -6.86
Venus 306.42 -19.30
Mars 300.59 -21.39
Jupiter 6.83 1.73
Saturn 257.43 -21.35
Uranus 1.98 0.10
Neptune 149.95 12.82
Pluto 106.36 21.62
mean Node 73.37 22.57
true Node 73.52 22.59
mean Apoge 218.48 -12.01
osc. Apoge 194.68 -1.51
Earth 0.00 0.00
Chiron 30.43 11.58
Pholus 270.98 -10.92
Ceres 317.22 -22.46
Pallas 293.65 6.19
Juno 158.86 3.93

Sun Sign

In Pisces the Sun generally gives a kind and loving nature, confiding, honest, amiable, sympathetic and especially kind to defenseless animals and people in distress. There is sometimes a sense of blessedness, or of being protected by the forces of nature, which either the native or those around him sense. Neat, particular and a lover of order and completeness; modest, often timid and lacking self-confidence. As a rule, Pisceans and industrious, methodical and logical in their processes; idealistic, imaginative, inspirational; often gifted with mediumistic faculty and usually fond of secret, occult of psychic investigation. The Pisces is retiring and humble.
Neptune is the planetary ruler of the sign Pisces.

Longitudinal Aspect Legend

Cutoff for error is 3.00 degrees.

The less the error the more powerful what is written for each aspect. Error of zero being strongest.

Good aspects:
0 degrees (Most Powerful)
120 and 240 degrees (Very Powerful)
30 and 150 (Powerful) equal

Aspects that can be negative or present challenges but can still be good:
180 degrees
90 degrees
45 degrees


SUN Semisextile-30 degrees JUPITER with an error of 1.47 degrees.
Aspect strength = 63.14%

Gifted in the professions ruled by Jupiter, including education, law, and publishing; given to philanthropy; a very fortunate person; a spirit of abundance and generosity, tempered by wisdom; a skilled negotiator and arbitrator; a tactful person; a very skilled planner; patient; leaves little to chance; an inspiring leader and a champion; willing to die for a cause, yet a person of peace; someone who will not rock the boat except to address egregious grievances; a good family person; someone who is responsible and honorable.

MERCURY Semisextile-30 degrees MARS with an error of 2.4 degrees.
Aspect strength = 40.09%

Lightening-fast mind reflexes; energized respiratory capabilities, great for runners; mind over body in that the mind controls the muscles, this pairing provides the ability to quickly learn complicated physical routines such as dance steps; military tactician.

MERCURY Semisextile-30 degrees URANUS with an error of 1.39 degrees.
Aspect strength = 65.31%

Public communication; famous reflexes and respiration, natural athletic ability; naturally skilled with computer software; adept at astrology, chess; great depth perception and eye-body coordination; mind with extraordinary spatial relations capacity, very adept at visualization in the mind, great mind for designing, architecture, mechanical engineering, hairdressing, painting, and sculpting.

MERCURY Semisextile-30 degrees CHIRON with an error of 2.94 degrees.
Aspect strength = 26.45%

It is the most powerful aspect in helping someone to be a charismatic speaker (Evita Person was born with this), writer, or singer. This aspect also promotes a New Age outlook and makes the native highly intelligent, adventuresome, and self-reliant.

VENUS Semisextile-30 degrees JUPITER with an error of .12 degrees.
Aspect strength = 96.98%

A born leader; champion of sports; very fortunate; love of God; money from the realms that Jupiter rules, including knowledge, publishing, law, banking.

MARS Semisquare-45 degrees SATURN with an error of 1.46 degrees.
Aspect strength = 63.49%

The mind and senses act in conflict, causing discord, selfishness, quick temper, violence; rash, hasty, impulsive acts; deception, resentment, cruel, hard or revengeful feelings when opposed.
Trouble with parts of the body denoted by the signs occupied by the afflicted planets. Feverish complaints, wounds, falls and accidents; danger of violence through enemies, reptiles, animals, riots, strikes, uprisings, revolutions, accident, war or state. Notoriety, reversals, criticism, opposition, enmity, scandal, discredit, obstacles and difficulty in occupation, danger of loss and failure in business. An unfortunate aspect for parents, denoting death, separation or disputes; bad for legacies; difficulties with compani3es, partnerships or in marriage. Liable to imprisonment.
If either planet is well aspected and well located by sign, much of the above is mitigated, but notice the houses which they occupy, as they indicate trouble for the things ruled thereby.

MARS Semisextile-30 degrees URANUS with an error of 1.01 degrees.
Aspect strength = 74.77%

Massive amounts of energy; directs energy to fame; brings war to the world; aggressive; impulsive and impatient. This aspect signifies a great reservoir of physical energy and a special talent in Uranian endeavors and careers. In a man, this aspect is a Sexual Aspect, as well as often indicating a man who desires changes of sexual partners. Mars is the male sex planet, and the Uranian influence tends to cause Mars to fluctuate, thus changing the sexual attractions of the man. If the Personal Aspect is turbulent, the desire for a variation in sex partners is accentuated.

MARS Sesquiquadrate-150 degrees NEPTUNE with an error of 1.05 degrees.
Aspect strength = 73.72%

Stamina; endurance; long-lasting and tireless energy; creative energy; energy directed to creative ideas, artistry, talent and new theories; sexual stamina and relentless desire; symbolic also of long-term war because Mars rules war and Neptune rules longevity.

MARS Square-90 degrees CHIRON with an error of .55 degrees.
Aspect strength = 86.36%

SATURN Sesquiquadrate-150 degrees PLUTO with an error of 1.1 degrees.
Aspect strength = 72.47%

Burning desire for monumental and enforced change; ability to overhaul and drastically change and dominate a profession, industry, field, or area; this pairing is different from the Saturn + Neptune paring because with this pairing, there is the strong willingness and desire to bring about change in any way deemed necessary and at any cost, including violence if there are also Saturn aspects to Mars in the subject's chart.

URANUS Sesquiquadrate-150 degrees NEPTUNE with an error of 2.06 degrees.
Aspect strength = 48.49%

Ability to present artistic talent to the world, and to perform to large audience, this is a common pairing for performers in the entertainment industry; ability to bring new ideas to the world, including new religious ideas, scientific notions, and any idea that is innovative or creative; for athletes, this is an energy and coordination enhancer to the other pairing in an M/Q, ESPECIALLY IF THE OTHER PAIRING INCLDUES Mars, Mercury, or Sun.

URANUS Semisextile-30 degrees CHIRON with an error of 1.55 degrees.
Aspect strength = 61.14%

This is a very powerful and helpful aspect, but unfortunately, it occurs too rarely (about every five years). It is most helpful when the native directs the aspect to achieve great fame and success in an area ruled by Chiron or Uranus. A person with this aspect has the ultimate in hypnotic charisma.

NEPTUNE Semisquare-45 degrees PLUTO with an error of 1.41 degrees.
Aspect strength = 64.73%

High spiritual consciousness and sense of justice.

NEPTUNE Trine-120 degrees CHIRON with an error of .51 degrees.
Aspect strength = 87.35%

This is a Cinderella aspect. Interpretations: long-term financial security through marriage, long-term family ties, long-term charisma, lasting noteworthiness, New Age ideas and inspirations, and becoming a real live Cinderella. It works on men, also. Since Neptune is the most feminine planet, this aspect imparts a soft, feminine charisma that is very appealing. Princess Diana was born with this aspect. It is also a Romance Aspect. The native believes in real-life Cinderellas and dreams about marrying a form of royalty.


MARS Contra-Parallel-180 degrees PLUTO with an error of .31 degrees.
Aspect strength = 92.30%

The capacity for violence lies just beneath the surface and often overwhelms the native. Lack of purpose causes inner turbulence and restlessness which may lead to irrational acts. The native has trouble controlling his impulses, and has difficulty living in a structured society. Sadistic tendencies. The native should learn to carefully analyze his reasons for taking actions of any sort.

SATURN Contra-Parallel-180 degrees PLUTO with an error of .27 degrees.
Aspect strength = 93.30%

As with other negative Pluto aspects; jealousy, lust, dominance. The native strives for personal power and may withdraw himself from normal human contacts in order to achieve this aim. Destructive tendencies. Frustrated drives. Dishonesty regarding emotional interaction. Miscalculations of desire.

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