All Time Legends of Country Music: A Best of Austin City Limits Special
From the center stage of Austin City Limits, country music star and Nashville progeny Pam Tillis narrates a trip down country music's memory lane in "All-Time Legends of Country Music A Best of Austin City Limits Special."

As the eldest daughter of Mel Tillis, one of country music's most recognizable entertainers, Pam Tillis grew up in the midst of the Nashville's music boom. For "All-Time Legends of Country Music" she introduces more than a dozen classic performances by the musicians who shaped country music as art and industry including Chet Atkins, Glen Campbell, Marty Robbins, Loretta Lynn and many others. The special alsoincludes rare footage and archival photographs of these extraordinary performers recorded by Austin City Limits.

As songwriters, producers and performers these talented artists represent the pillars of America's most popular style of music. Their songs, from Robbins' border ballad "El Paso" to Brenda Lee's sympathetic "I'm Sorry," are among the most familiar, best-selling and highly awarded tunes in pop.

With homespun lyrics, traditional melodies and remarkable musicianship, their modern music influenced generations to come while drawing on many old music traditions.
Fats Domino

Fats Domino

  • Bill Monroe, "Blue Moon of Kentucky" (1980)
  • Marty Robbins, "El Paso"(1979)
  • Bob Wills' Original Texas Playboys, "San Antonio Rose" (1977)
  • Buck Owens, "Crying Time" (1988)
  • Loretta Lynn, "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man" (1983)
  • Roger Miller, "King of the Road" (1983)
  • Merle Travis, (1977)
  • Roy Clark, "Under the Double Eagle" (1982)
  • Ray Charles, "Born to Lose" (1979)
  • Carl Perkins, "Honey Don't" (1980)
  • Roy Orbison, "Only the Lonely" (1982)
  • Chet Atkins, "Gallopin' on the Guitar" (1981)
  • Glen Campbell, "Gentle On My Mind"(1984)
  • Doc Watson, "Way Downtown"(1977)
  • Brenda Lee, "I'm Sorry" (1986)
  • Fats Domino, "Blue Monday" (1986)
  • Floyd Cramer, "Last Date" (1983)
Recorded: 11/30/1999